Tomahawks 51: The new standard of axe throwing fun.

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Tomahawks 51 is a locally owned family business. Our story began when we started going to several axe throwing venues around the country and couldn’t imagine a better place for one than Tallahassee. We had so much fun that we thought we should share with all of you! We are very hands on with our business and you will more than likely see us at least once during your experience. Our goal at Tomahawks 51 is to bring something fun, stress relieving, but most importantly safe to town! We take pride in our business, so please let us know how we are doing!

Looking for something new?
Do you have an axe throwing club? Are you thinking about creating one? Talk to us about it, we would love to be your go to axe throwing venue.

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Check out our progress!

We tested the general concept at the house and turned it into what it you see today!
We took over the Cafe Shisha location and started demolition of the existing walls and flooring.

Mid March 2019
Some floor smoothing and backing for decorations on the opposite left wall from targets.

Early April 2019
Our first framework for our throwing lanes go up!

Mid April 2019
A view from the throwing side of the lanes being built.

Mid April 2019
The checkerboard wasn't a good look.

All of April 2019
A little bit more solid

Late April 2019
The old awning was removed!

End of April 2019
The checkerboard is gone!

Late April 2019
Three iterations of our targets, right to left.

Early May 2019
The start of a more classy look to the word...SHIPLAP!

Early May 2019
After testing we have the final target.

Early May 2019
Testing our target stencil!

Mid May 2019
The start of a more classy look to the word...SHIPLAP!

End May 2019
Our first road sign on Basin! We have neighbors!

Beginning June 2019
Our giant 65' wall with shiplap EVERYWHERE!

Beginning of June 2019
A great design!

Middle of June 2019
Up an atom!

End of June 2019
Monogram Art coming through with some shirts!

End of June 2019
Our shipment of target boards, special order!

End of June 2019
You thought we were leaving the wood bare? Pretty target boards are all the rage!

July 2019
We finally got our overhead sign in place, you know where we are now!

Beginning July 2019