Tomahawks 51 Splatter FAQ!

Find out everything about Tomahawks 51 Axe Throwing that you could want to know and if we don’t have your question listed here message us on social media, call us, or send us an email at

Are we a bar where you can just come and have drinks?

Sure! You can absolutely come in for a drink, check out the air conditioned atmosphere, realize what you have been missing, and then book a session!
Space for paying participants will be a priority. It is possible there will be times you will not be able to come in/have room if we are at occupancy.

How much does a Tomahawks 51 experience cost and do I have to pay up front?

The cost is $25 per person for a 30 minute splatter experience or for the black light splatter experience and you pay when you book online.


Normal reservations are fully refundable up until 24 hours before the reserved timeslot. Any reservations that are cancelled under 24 hours will be refunded via gift card if an attempt to reschedule is not allowable. All transaction fees will not be refunded as of April 1, 2023.

Are Walk-ins allowed?

Walk-ins are welcome (Summer Hours may differ), but reservations are highly recommended to guarantee a spot. However, if we have the availability we are more than happy to accommodate you!
For current start times, click
HERE and select the date you want to walk in.

If it shows spaces are available, your best bet is to just reserve the spots!

Do I need a large group to book?

No! We have a fixed amount of people allowed in the room at a time.

We would like to pay separately, how do we do that?

Book online for yourself and in the comment put how many people are joining you. Then those people will pay when they get to the store. In this case, it is best to fill out the waiver prior to coming in and arriving 10/15 minutes early to finish paying.

I don’t want to throw, I just want to come hang with my friends and watch. Do I have to pay?

Spectators do not have to pay, but they do still have to fill out a waiver. We have a TV at the front that you can watch your friends on.

What ages can throw at Tomahawks 51?

Ages 8 and up as long as a parent/guardian is in the room with them. All children must be under the immediate control of an adult! Officially, there must be 1 adult per room for kids between 13 – 17.

What is your Lateness Policy?

If you arrive after your start time and do not have the range to yourselves, you may not be allowed to join the range. This is due to fairness to all axe throwers, it wouldn’t be fair to stop the other guests’ gameplay in order to give your group the safety guidelines and instructions, when the other guests arrived on time and paid the same amount for their tickets! Refunds will NOT be issued.
​You are fine if you have the entire range booked to yourselves – your throwing time will just be shortened and your experience will end at the original time.

Can we bring our own food and/or drink?

Food and drinks are NOT allowed in the splatter room at any time.

Does Tomahawks 51 sell beer/wine & food?

We sell beer, wine, soda, and water.
With all of our great local partners we are proud to offer ordering from Moes, Cold Stone, Momo’s Pizza, Firehouse Subs, Panda Express, and California Chicken Grill.
You can order food to be picked up or delivered to our location just feet away!
ID required to buy alcohol.

Do we cater towards Birthday Parties, Team Building, and other events?

We can absolutely accommodate special events! The best thing to do is to contact us with the amount of people, the time(s)/date(s) you are inquiring about, whether or plan to bring/order food, and what the event is for.
Check out our private party page or email us at to learn more!
Our Special Events department can also help you book for larger groups.

Can I book an event outside of your normal hours?

We can definitely try to accommodate that! The best thing to do is to contact our special events coordinator and tell us the amount of people, the time(s)/date(s) you are inquiring about, whether or plan to bring/order food, and what the event is for. We will let you know if we can accommodate you and how much that would cost. Just email us at

Can I change or cancel my booking online?

Call us or email us at

What should I wear?

We have only two requirements:
Closed-toe shoes (no high heels even if they are closed-toe)
Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!
We provide safety goggles (mandatory to wear), and disposable booties to go over your shoes and ponchos to go over your clothes. While our paint is washable and non toxic it is possible that it could stain your clothes. Wear items you do not mind getting paint on.

Are you handicapped accessible? Can I throw if I am in a wheelchair?

100% Yes!

Can I buy Gift Certificates?

Of course! They are located for purchase HERE!

Do employees accept tips?

YES! Tipping is never required but always appreciated! Our employees will do their best to make your experience fun and exciting. It is nice to show them some love! If you don’t have cash, WE CAN HELP YOU TIP THEM ON YOUR CARD.

How do I find Tomahawks 51?

On the main page of our site we have a google maps integration that shows where we are, but if you know where Momo’s (TENNESSEE ST) is then you know where we are!
We are directly across from FSU’s main campus on the corner of Stadium Dr. and Tennessee St.